Thursday, September 17, 2009

My Babies are Growing UP!

Faye passed away on Wednesday, August 12. Mom and I headed for Chadron to take care of the funeral arrangements on Friday, August 14. The funeral was on Monday, the 17th, and I walked through our front door about 11:30 that night. On Tuesday, August 18, I sent my babies off to school. After having both boys home all summer, and the chaos of the 4 days before, I wasn't sure what to do with an entire day all to myself. I unpacked and did some laundry, baked some cookies, washed dishes, cleaned the bathroom (a never ending job at our house!), then I just sat on the couch, staring at the clock begging for 3:00 to arrive.

It finally came, bringing my little guys home. I smothered them with kisses, and spent the couple of hours eating cookies and chatting about the weekend - they wanted to hear all about Chadron, Fort Rob, and Toadstool Park, and I wanted to hear about the fun they had with Jeremy and my in-laws. I heard all about their first day at school, about how they both love their new teachers. Taylor was excited to see his girlfriend again. Landon thought it was unfair that out of the 15 kids in his class, only 3 were boys (they have since gotten a 16th classmate - another girl)!

Then it was time to start supper, and the boys went off to play. Fifteen minutes later, I was looking forward to the second day of school! They started out playing so nicely together, then BAM! They were fighting. Ah...brotherly love!


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