Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Crayon/Pencil Roll Tutorial

I had fully intended for this to get up this afternoon. And it would have been, if my computer wasn't evil. Just as I was about ready to click "Publish Post", I lost it all. I didn't have time to redo it before I picked up the boys and had to do the whole supper thing. But, here it is (keep your fingers crossed that I don't lose it again)!

This tutorial is for a crayon roll that will fit 24 regular crayons. At the bottom of the tutorial, you will find measurements for 8 and 16 regular crayons, 8 and 16 big crayons, and 12 and 24 colored pencils. (I goofed when I was cutting the fabric for this tutorial, so the pictures will show a 16 crayon roll instead of 24, but they all get assembled the same way, so there shouldn’t be any confusion!) I apologize for the photo quality. Natural light is almost non-existent in our house, especially on really cloudy days!

Materials Needed:
(3) 26.5 x 5 inch rectangles of fabric
(1) 26.5 x 5 inch rectangle of flannel
24 inches Ribbon/bias tape
24 Crayons
Instead of (3) 26.5 x 5 rectangles, you can use:
(2) 26.5 x 5 inch rectangles
(1) 26.5 x 2½ inch rectangle (this will be your pocket piece)
26.5 inches bias tape

Instructions:The first step includes alternate instructions, so please read through before proceeding!
1. Pick out your pocket fabric. With wrong sides together, fold in half and press. Set aside.
*Alternate Instructions*
Take your 26.5 x 2½ piece of fabric, and sew your 26.5 inch length of bias tape along the top side.

2. With your flannel, measure 1¼ inches from edge, and draw your first line. Measure 1 inch from line and draw next line. Continue to draw your lines 1 inch apart all the way across, leaving a 1 ¼ inch space at the end.

3. With the lined side down, layer your flannel, inside piece, and pocket piece, and pin.

4. Flip the stack over, so the lines are facing you. Sew along those lines, backstitching at the top and bottom.

5. Take your ribbon and fold it in half. Pin it to one side of your roll.

6. With right sides together, pin the inside to the outside. Using a ¼ inch seam, sew all the way around, leaving a 3-4 inch gap for turning.

7. Turn right-side out and press.

8. Sew a ¼ inch or smaller seam all the way around. The photo below shows where I line it up. I think it might be about an eighth of an inch.

9. Add crayons, roll up, and give to your favorite little artist!

*Notes and other Measurements*
This tutorial uses 1" pockets, but they do tend to stretch a little, and you can usually fit 2 crayons into each pocket.

I'd love to see any photos of what you make. Maybe I'll even start a flickr group for all our creations!


  1. such a cute project! thanks for taking the time to share the steps. :)

  2. Thank you for an easy looking and do-able crayon roll. I have been looking for one. I am making this today for my bff's little girl who is sick:)

  3. OMG Thank you for all the alt. measurements. I am going to make 30 8ct crayon rolls for my son's 1st birthday. I will upload pictures. Thank you so much


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