Thursday, July 22, 2010

Aunti Em! Auntie Em!

So, we're in Chadron. It took us 1.5 hours longer than expected to get here. Early this evening, we left town to go find a cemetery out in the middle of nowhere. We were only gone about an hour, and we came back to a town that was damaged by horizontally flying quarter size hail, strong winds, and a tornado. Our hotel had lost power for several hours, but it's back on, now.

The funeral is tomorrow morning, then we're leaving (after a stop at the lawyer's office - we're still trying to get Faye's estate business finished), but I'll fill you in on the excitement, with pictures, and a tutorial next week. After the funeral, we'll be driving 6 - 7.5 hours (depending on construction) to get home. Then, we pick up my dad and boys and drive another 4.5 - 5 hours to Kansas City for a family reunion this weekend. So, might be Tuesday or Wednesday before I get back to blogging!


  1. wishing you safe and easy travels.

  2. My mom was devastated that the hail took out the two tomato plants on her little patio at the retirement home. They were the last things Dad planted before he died.

  3. Thanks Carla! It was such a loooooong 4 days, but we all made it home safely!

    Mary - That's terrible! Stupid hail. It's hard letting go to begin with, but when something is taken away like that, it's so much worse.


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