Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Kansas City

On Friday morning, we attended the funeral and graveside services for our beloved aunt, but weren't able to stay for the luncheon. We had a loooooong drive ahead of us, so we hit the road right after we changed our clothes.

We managed to miss the construction by taking a different route home. Did you know there's an ocean in Nebraska?

So, we finally made it home around 7:30pm, dropped my uncle off at his house, and picked up my dad and boys for the last leg of our journey down to KC for a family reunion.

Saturday was reunion day, so we went, chatted, ate too much, admired my great-uncle's sculpting, then left in search of the Rainforest Cafe.

We ate at the Rainforest when Awesome was 2, so he doesn't really remember it.  Bug was almost 6, so he's been talking about how awesome it was for the last 3 years.  Well, it's gone.  So, my little brother took us to the Legends mall where we found T-Rex, which is a lot like a prehistoric RC.  The wait was over an hour, so we just wandered around a little, talked dad and lil' bro out of Hooters, and wound up at Wild Bill's Legendary Steakhouse and Saloon where Awesome rode the bull, and found out our waitress' grandparents live in my hometown.  Small world.

We could have easily spent the entire night just wandering around Legends.  Definitely a place to visit if you're ever in KC (just don't stay at the Doubletree Hotel - they charge for everything, including local phone calls)!

I'll be back soon with a little tutorial I'm working on!

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  1. The Legend mall is fun! We were there a couple years ago for our anniversary. We stayed at a bed and breakfast not too far from there. I know my boys would love the dinosaur place! :)


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