Thursday, August 28, 2008

Vintage Thingies Thursdays - Jars and Spices

This weeks Vintage Thingies Thursday is going to be the contents on a shelf in my kitchen. The jars were all found at my grandpa's house and my great-uncle's house. I filled them with (from left to right) old fashioned lemon candy, mini scented pinecones, rosehips, Root Beer Barrells, and chocolate covered sunflower seeds. The three red spice cans on the left and the two red spice boxes on the right were rescued from the farm as well. They were going to go in the trash, but the yellow and red matched my kitchen, so I saved them (one has never even been opened!). There is also a little can of Durkee Chili Powder. I can't remember where I found that, but I just love old jars and spice containers, so I added it to the collection!

The little wooden "N" (for our last name) block is from a set of blocks I bought the boys that they never play with anymore. Most of the blocks have gone missing, so I took this one, added some self-adhesive felt to the bottom, and it is now our chalkboard eraser!
For more Vintage Thingies Thursday, go here and enjoy the eye candy.


  1. Very nice . Like the way you have it set up with the chalk board. Clever


  2. Love the way you are displaying these beautiful jars!

  3. What a clever idea.. to make an eraser out of the block. Why didn't I ever think of that??
    Your shelf is very charming. It is amazing what good stuff people throw out as trash.. isn't it??

  4. I love the old jars. I have a few myself. They look great on your shelf. My friend has a very large one that had candy in it, she found the original candy online and displays hers like that. It is adorable.
    I however, love the old green ones. What a great rescue.

  5. Great jars and what a cool shelf/chalk board thingie. I like it...

  6. Love your little collection! What fun! Thanks for sharing.

  7. I love how you have everything displayed. Very nice!

  8. LOVE those vintage jars...beautifully displayed on your little shelf!! xx


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