Thursday, September 18, 2008

Vintage Thingies Thursday - Veggie Tea Towels

This is a set of tea towels rescued from the family farm. The veggies & tea pots appear to be ironed on as there is no stitching. I folded over the tomato towel to show the strips that line the sides of the towels. When I saw these in the bottom of a drawer, I knew they needed to come home with me.

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  1. Those are adorable. I am glad you rescued them. I too like to rescue things. Funny how ordinary things become treasures.

  2. Sweet little towels... love the stripes. Great save.

  3. GREAT!
    I love those! LOL so freaking adorable.


  4. Darling little towels, such cute little pics on them.Charming!!

  5. Wow! These are great! So glad you rescued them. I have a set of dogs that are some kind of vintage iron-ons, I wonder if the veggies are the same kind of thing. I'll have to check the envelope the dogs came in and see what's on there.

  6. Those are so cute! The teapots are my favorites.

  7. These towels are great, although the lettuce scares me a little!


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