Tuesday, February 17, 2009


They made an announcement on Friday afternoon at HPI, where Jeremy works. But since we had a snow storm, a lot of people went home early, so the announcement wasn't all that effective. Yesterday afternoon, they began talking to teh people who were affected. Luckily, Jeremy still has a job - for now (as long as they have something to powder-coat, he should be safe). But, his friend, D, was laid off. As relieved as we are that Jeremy made it through this round of lay-offs, I know he feels terrible for D. On the bright side, D is in the National Guard, so he'll be able to do a little bit of work at the armory for some extra money. He's been married less than a year, and his wife works at a local bank, so at least they still have one income.

School was canceled on Friday due to the snow storm that was coming our way. We got quite a bit of snow, but not as much as we were expecting.

Once it was done doing this:

We went outside to crawl through the snow

and make snow angels.


Sunday we took a trip into town to pick up a few things. I'm beginning to wonder what Wal-Mart's plans are. They've already gotten rid of all the fabrics, thread, and trims, as well as pillow forms and some batting. They've had baskets on clearance, and I noticed quite a few office supplies on clearance. While I should have taken advantage of some of their clearance sales, I just picked up some seeds for our garden.

So far, we have:
Sweet Corn
Garden Beans
Pumpkins (for Jack-O-Lanterns)
Mini Pumpkins (a mix of orange and white)
Pie Pumpkins
Bell Peppers

We still need:
Tomatoes (we'll use plants)
Strawberries (again, we'll use plants)
Acorn Squash
Indian Corn
Red Sweet Corn (the boys think it looks "sweet", so we're going to try it!)

I'm sure I'll be adding more to my list as I go through recipes and look into making jams and jellies a little more.

I have no clue what I'm going to do for flowers this year, if anything. I'd like to grow sunflowers and daisies, and I need to find something for my problem spot. On the northwest corner of the house, there's an area that doesn't get any shade. I've tried putting wood chips down, but those just get blown away (or maybe the stray cats and other people's dogs are scratching them away). I'd love to find something that likes full sun that is also pretty. I was thinking of Snow-in-Summer (this sounds like an amazingly easy plant to take care of, so it would be perfect for me!), or some kind of grass. Any suggestions?


Yesterday, I signed up for Shawnee's next apron swap! For details, go here.

I have a lot on my to-do list for this week, so may not be around much, but I do hope to have a few things to show you soon!

Have a great week!


  1. Sorry to hear about the layoffs going on at your hubby's work. At the factory where my parents/brother/SIL work in Deshler, they are laying off all the time. Everyone is on pins and needles going to work everyday. And my hubby has mandatory one week off next week. This economy is real fun, isn't it?!

    We're going to try a garden this year for the first time. We checked out our selection at Wal-Mart the other day and we're getting spring fever. :)

  2. The snow photos are wonderful, and the seed photos are sooo inspiring. Come on spring!! Sorry to hear about the layoffs. My J now has two mandatory days off a month and we are so thankful that is all it is. Saying prayers every day for those who have lost jobs...

  3. Hi! Heather~

    I was your secret pal from MJF. Did you receive your package from me? I hope you enjoyed some of the things I sent you. I know sometimes it would slip my mind. Sorry, if I wasn't the greatest secret pal.

    I can totally understand the layoff stress. My husband's company laid off 900 people and told his department they were all set. Then a couple of weeks later they merged with another department and now there are more layoffs coming. It is a scary time for everyone.

    I am also planning my garden. I am going to try and plant heirloom seeds this year. I am waiting for them to come in.

    Sorry for the long comment.

  4. I'm still somewhere between excited and exhausted about gardening season!
    Hopefully I'll get my winter stuff done, and feel prepared for the outdoor chore list! :)


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