Monday, June 15, 2009

Stormy Skies

I know, I rarely make two posts in one day. This second one is to a)marvel at Mother Nature, and b)try to calm my slightly frazzled nerves.

This is what our skies looked like about an hour or so ago:

This next pic is the same as the first, but I added red and blue lines. Everything to the left of the red line was moving East. Everything to the right of the blue line was moving West. This was the sight when we looked North, and slightly West from our front porch area.

These were the clouds above one of the elevators just half a block South of our house (immediately after taking the above photo, I turned around and took this one):

They were ROTATING. I turned around, and our neigbor was running over to offer to let us come down to their basement. I politely declined, then saw more rotating clouds that looked like they were just on the west side of our house. I ran in the house, got the boys and our stuff in the basement, then the sirens went off. Luckily we weren't down their for long, and nothing hit us!

After posting this last night, I found out that a tornado had touched down North/Northwest of Roseland. Other than some crops, I don't think there was any serious damage, and as far as I know there were no injuries.


  1. I thought of you last night when the warnings were going off. Glad to see that everyone was okay. The skies sure looked scary in your post. :(

  2. Thanks! The clouds were insane. None of them were going the same direction, and they were swirling all over the place. I'm just glad the tornado that actually did form hit out in a field away from buildings and people.

  3. Wow, amazing pictures! I'm so glad you are OK and that the town was spared.


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