Sunday, January 17, 2010

My Trips Overseas

I've been avoiding the news lately. There have been to many heartbreaking stories over the last month.

I escaped, for a few days, to the English countryside. I've been begging Miss Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy to stop being so stubborn, and yelling at Mr. Bingley to grow a spine, use his own mind, and ask Miss Jane Bennett to marry him. There have been many obstacles, including the zombies who have been threatening to take over the country. But, in the end, all is how it should be.

I am hoping that by this next Saturday, I'll be able to go along with the Dashwood sisters as they search for true love, while trying to stay out of the grasps of the Sea Monsters.

In March, I plan to re-visit the Bennetts and find out how the unmentionables came about. Then, I'll be off to Russia in June to see how Anna Karenina fares in a steampunk world! I must admit that had these books not come highly recommended from friends, I would never have given them a second glance. I'm happy to report that Pride and Prejudice and Zombies was an entertaining surprise, and I've heard that the others are/will be just as fun to read.

Go to your library and check them out, or you can look on my left sidebar under my Recommended books and my 2010 Reading List if you'd like to order them.


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