Friday, May 7, 2010

Oh, the conversations we have

Sometimes, it's painfully obvious that this is a house full of boys.

Last night's conversation with Landon as we are getting ready for baseball practice...
Me:  Are you ready?
Landon:  Yeah, I want to take my ball.
Me:  You don't need to take your ball.
Landon (getting whiny): Whyyyyyyyyyyy?
Me:  Jeff has enough balls.
Landon:  *giggles*  Dad!  Mom just said Jeff has balls!  *continues laughing all the way to practice*

This morning, as we are getting ready for school...
Me (talking to myself, like normal): Need to cover the lilacs, lilies, phlox, and asters.
Taylor:  *giggles*
Me (looking at him with a slightly confused look on my face):  What?
Taylor (still giggling):  Asters.  Get it?


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