Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Maybe too much fun?

Holy busy weekend, batman! I'm still trying to recover, but we had fun! Friday, I did the weekly grocery shopping. I hate grocery shopping. The only time I've actually enjoyed it was a couple of weeks ago when I was so hopped up on pain killers that I don't even really remember the trip! (Don't worry, the husband drove!) After I got home, I just vegged for a while and thought about finishing the kitchen curtains before heading over to sis-in-law's house to see B-Nubs (sis-in-law from Denver).

Saturday morning, the boys and I got up early to go to the Home Depot Kids Workshop where I also bought 3 Autumn Joy bushes, picked up some new jeans & Husker apparel at Gordman's, then stopped at Hobby Lobby where I found some super cut $15/yd fabric on sale for $2/yd!  We spent the afternoon and evening with my in-laws where we celebrated the August & September birthdays, met nephew H's new girlfriend, watched the kids fight over ride trikes & bikes,

and listened to nephews C&H jam (sometimes joined by their bandmate, Snazzy Swiss Sweater guy).  Even Awesome and 5-year-old nephew Mad Jimmy got in on the drumming a little!

Sunday, we slept in till 8:00 before heading into town where the boys, after a little bribing, allowed me to take their fall pictures...

...before we headed to the Nebraska State Fair with my parents.

There was so much to do and see!  One of my favorite stops is the Quilt Display.  Grandmother's Garden quilts are one of my favorite patterns, and I am in awe of anybody who makes one.  Once you understand how they are traditionally made (completely by hand), you'll understand why.  Read this or this.

Another stop we made, was the Sheep Barn.  In the front, they had an enclosed room that was the Birthing Pavilion.  There were 3 litters of piglets.  One litter was 8 days old, and two litters were only 1 day old - all born at the fair!  There were also 3 baby sheep, and two pregnant cows.  One of the cows looked like she was ready to give birth any minute, but we didn't stick around for that!  When we came out, we saw these amazingly graceful ladies...

After Saturday night's jam session, the boys were mesmerized by the Street Beat Parkour Percussion performance in the Kidz Zone.  These guys were AWESOME!

Unfortunately, I didn't get any video of the super awesome stuff, and I apologize for the bumpiness - Awesome was bouncing on my knee while I was trying to get this video!

After the fair, I had to run by the mother-in-law's house to pick up her Melaleuca order (if you have any questions, just ask me!), and we finally got to meet nephew C's girlfriend.  The blond guy in the above video could be C's twin.  Looks and acts just like him!

We all slept in on Monday, and even took naps in the afternoon.  We mostly vegged out in front of the TV and computers, but I did get my Autumn Joy bushes planted!

How did you spend your extended weekend?


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