Saturday, September 3, 2011


If you are born and raised in Nebraska, there's a good chance that you'll develop a condition that causes you to get chills every Saturday during the fall. It's called Husker Fever.

I'm not a die hard football fan, but I do get chills whenever I hear "Sirius" by Alan Parsons Project. It's the song that accompanies the Husker Tunnel Walk.

As a state employee, my grandpa got a discount on season tickets, and he very graciously shared his tickets with his family. Every year growing up, my dad would take each one of us kids to 1 game. I don't know what it was like for my brothers, but for me, it was almost magical. Dad would toss me onto his shoulders, and we'd head down, underneath the stands to cheer on the players as they were making their way from the locker rooms to the field. Then, we'd head up to our seats, and watch and cheer our hearts out. When Nebraska got a touchdown, I'd let go of my red balloons, and there would be a sea of red in the sky above Memorial Stadium to match the sea of red in the seats.

I think many Nebraska fans were almost devastated when our beloved Coach Tom Osborne retired. I believe that he is at least partly responsible for the wonderful reputation that (most) Nebraska fans have. Fans and players alike looked up to him, and he has made us all want to be the perfect definition of hospitality and good sportsmanship. After a couple of wrong turns, we're thrilled to have Bo Pelini as our new coach, and look forward to the challenges that the Big 10 will provide.

Not the victory but the action;
Not the goal but the game;
In the deed the glory.



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