Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Is it here already?!

My baby turns 4 today. Where had the time gone? We celebrated with Jeremy's family over Easter weekend (there are 6 birthdays between March 1 & April 20, so we do them all at once!), and with my parents, uncle, and uncle's foreign exchange student, Kevin this past weekend. We went to a local park to eat some cake, open presents, and enjoy the weather (while trying to stay out of the wind).

Sunday was beautiful - we got quite a bit of yard work done. Jeremy finally got the shock fence up so we can take Odin (our St. Bernard) off the chain. Even though our yard is large enough to qualify for holding livestock, it's not big enough for our dog! Monday, it snowed.

My brother's oldest turns four on Thursday, so I managed to finish her birthday present, and got busy cutting fabric for the many, many projects I have lined up. I also ordered Sew and Stow, and started my book wish list consisting of:

The diet is going okay. I quit Mountain Dew - and paid dearly for it Saturday evening through Monday afternoon. I've started drinking more water, and plan to walk 1 mile and do 20 minutes of Pilates this afternoon.


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