Monday, April 28, 2008

3 pounds and a bracelet

Thursday night I went to Beads and Botanicals to make a bracelet. It turned out better than I thought (I'm still fairly new to the whole beading world)! I used some beads that I had taken off my wedding dress, a couple beads from one of my grandma's old necklaces, and some beads from the shop.

I've lost 3 pounds - yay! If I would just put down the yo-yo's and exercise, I know I'd lose a lot more. I've been doing surprisingly well on this no-Mountain Dew thing. I just have one every once in a while.

Baseball has started. Taylor had practice yesterday afternoon, and I was able to get some yo-yo's done. Last year, I would sit on the bleachers and chit chat with my sister-in-law. But now that she's the girls 12 & under softball coach, she doesn't get to sit and chat!

The rest of my weekend was spent tracing patterns and cutting fabrics - I don't really care for that, but the end products are well worth it!


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