Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Modge Podge

Whew! These last few days have been busy. I have pictures from Saturday, but with my camera being at my mom's house, I can't post any (which is really unfortunate because I wanted to show you how pretty the snow looks on my window box this morning).

First of all, I want to thank everybody who donated to the Knit Your Bit project! I recieved a phone call yesterday from a nursing home in Kansas who recieved their package on Friday. They recieved 2 lap blankets, a scarf, a hat, and a pair of gloves (all items went to separate veterans). With each gift, I also included a letter explaining what these gifts were for. The administrator told me the men were so touched by our appreciation that they even allowed themselves to cry. This is something I would like to do again next year, but I think I'll start in June or July. I had several people who wanted to send something, but needed more time to get something made.

Saturday was the annual Scouting With The Storm event in Kearney. It always takes place on Stormy's (the mascot) birthday, and through the cub scouts, we can get cheap tickets. We only stayed for the first period, but it was definitely an eventful one! In less than two minutes into the game, there was the first of three fights in that period, a very rude lady stole a puck from my dad, and Landon threw up.

Actually Landon got sick before the puck flew out. He's been having some issues over the last couple of weeks. Every once in a while, his tummy can't digest sugar and he gets sick. Once he throws up, he's fine. He was munching on some popcorn when he got sick (thank God for that popcorn bag!), so we were going to leave right then. He wanted to stay, so I told him we'd stay for the last 7 minutes of the period.

After getting sick, I put him on my lap so he could see a little better, and within seconds of him getting on my lap, a puck flew over the windows, hit Landon's seat, then my mom's foot, and rolled down the row. Dad had it in his hand, and as he was sitting back up the nasty woman next to him took it right out of his hand. Dad, not wanting to cause a scene said nothing. However...I had to say something. The people sitting in front of us and next to my dad were from a town about 20 minutes from here. I know what they're like, and very kindly told dad that you can't expect any better behavior from people from BH. (We play them in baseball, and they cheat. They cheat so much that they rarely even try hiding it. When we call them on it, they try to lie. They can't stand that Roseland is better than BH in baseball. I think it has a lot to do with coaching. Our coaches treat the boys (ages 11-14) with respect, and rarely, if ever yell at the boys. BH's coaches are constantly yelling and screaming at their players.) The lady in front of my glared at me, but she has always been extremely rude to me at scouting events, so I expected nothing less.

We left and dad took Landon home while mom, Taylor, and I did some shopping at Hobby Lobby and Target. Both places were VERY busy, but we did find some really good deals!

We had all stayed up until 11:30 Saturday night watching a movie, so we all slept in Sunday morning. Jeremy and Taylor decided they wanted to run into town around 10:30, and the plan was for them to bring home some lunch. The got home just before noon. Taylor looked like he was going to cry, and Jeremy looked ANGRY. J informs me that our bank account has been wiped out. WHAT?! He went to pay for his things at Wal-Mart, and his debit card was rejected (he almost never carries cash or his checkbook). So, he tried going to an ATM, but that told him there was a balance of $0.00 in the account.

Monday was COLD! When L (a little boy I watch before school and after school on Fridays) got here at 6:30, the windchill made it feel like -20 degrees (fahrenheit). The high for yesterday was 5, the low was -7. Right now it's only 2. (Speaking of fahrenheit, have you ever smelled that cologne for men? YUMMY! There's another one that is absolutely delicious, but I can't remember what it's called.)

We found out there was some kind of glitch in the bank's system, and thankfully, none of our money is missing. Dad was telling me that he had that happen to him once at the bank he used when he lived in Abilene. The bank had some kind of safety thing set up so whenever someone tried hacking into the system, or tried attaching a virus, the entire system shut down. We're just glad we can pay our bills!

I spent the day working on Christmas presents (my list in the sidebar is slowly shrinking!), then moved my sewing table into what will soon be my sewing room! I realized I have way too much fabric, and I seriously need to start getting some of my projects done. I put most of my fabric into my new cart (the basket measures about 22" high, 16" wide, and 13" from back to front). Now you can barely see the handle (which sticks 12" above the top of the basket), and I have 4 of those black fabric Wal-Mart bags filled with more fabric!

Today's plans are just the same ol' same ol'. Dishes and laundry. Then, I think I'm going to rearrange the living room a little bit. I still have several projects that need to be finished, so I'm sure I'll be working on those as well. What are you all doing?


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