Thursday, December 11, 2008

Vintage Thingies Thursday

It's been a little while since I've done the VTT, and I'm very excited to show you my recent purchase. Last weekend there was a Vintage Christmas Flea Market held at the Adams County Fairgrounds. My mom and I were in heaven! Everywhere we looked, there were things we wanted, and we had a hard time controlling ourselves. One booth had a bunch of old cowboy stuff, and there was a book from 1984 that listed all of the brands in Nebraska. We found my grandpa's brand, and my great-uncles's. It was just kind of neat seeing them in a book.

As we wandered around, I saw a cart. I stared and stared at it thinking of all the possibilities. It would look really cute outside on its side as a planter, or I could put it in the bathroom to hold towels. Once I get my sewing room done, it would be a great place to store fabric. But, do I really need it? You know that feeling you get when you look at something and your entire body is telling you that you have to buy it? That's what it was like. However, I decided (knowing full well that it would be gone if I waited) that we would look around some more, and if it was still there when we came back, then it was meant to be.

Here is my new planter/towel basket/fabric basket

with a cute green handle.

It even folds up, which would be great to take for picnics or to our next flea market. We may even have to see how many times we can fill it up on the Junk Jaunt next fall!

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  1. What a cute cart...and what a cute idea. I think fabric or towels would just be adorable in that. I may have to watch for one.

    I most likely would have not been able to control myself at that flea market....I love doing that. It is so fun.

    Have a great week.

  2. I was just thinking about those the other day when I saw an older woman lugging her groceries.

    I was wondering if you took pictures of the knitted items for the soldiers and did you have any trouble finding out who needed them?

  3. That's a great'll look lovely with colorful fabric or towels filling it.

  4. i love the cart and I would have loved a vintage flea market. What fun.My cart (if I had one) would probably hold fabric. Happy VTT and have a great day.

  5. Your right great for a flea market
    to haul all the purchases to the car!
    Great find!

  6. Thanks for all the cart compliments!

    Linda, I sent many of the gifts on before thinking of getting pictures (things have been crazy around here lately!), but I do have a few that arrived on Wednesday that I'll take pictures of and get those posted soon!

  7. I have one of these carts that my great aunt used for her grocery shopping because she didn't drive. I put cardboard in the botton and use it to store rolled gift wrap and fabric.

  8. I'm soo glad you got it, i wouldn't be able to resist it either..great find!!


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