Wednesday, April 7, 2010

April 7, 2010

Spring is finally here...I think. We had a wonderful Easter weekend, the weather was perfect! It started raining last night. When Jeremy got up for work this morning, I heard it raining even harder, hoping it would be done by the time I go grocery shopping here in a little bit. At 7:47, the boys and I were walking out the door to take them to school, and came upon a very unpleasant sight.

We're in a wind advisory till 7 tonight, and this snow is ridiculous! The flakes are about the size of quarters and they're wet. Very wet. They hit and they stick. As we were running out to the car, it felt like we were getting hit with a thousand mini snowballs.

So, today is April 7 and it's snowing. Tomorrow my baby turns 6, and his birthday present will arrive a day late. Hopefully it'll be warm and dry enough this weekend to actually play with it!

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