Thursday, April 1, 2010

Floor Redo

There's nothing like redoing your child's floor to make you realize that they have even more crap than you had originally thought!

The Bug had a spot on his floor that was beyond gross. It looked fine, but if you put your head on the floor, or when it got hot in his room, you could smell it. The Bug, Mr. Awesome, Odin, and Gracie had all peed on the same spot at one point or another. I cleaned and cleaned that spot with everything but bleach. It still smelled. I was finally able to convince Jeremy that we needed to replace it.

We spend last Thursday and Friday getting everything out of the room. It was raining Saturday morning-afternoon, so we got started ripping up the old floor. It was...interesting...

As you can see, the carpet was in really good shape - it just smelled. Really bad. The previous owners had used 50,000 bottles of glue to secure the carpet, so there was a lot of scraping to do around the edges. Other than that, we found some gorgeous linoleum and tiles...

I think the red and white checked was my favorite. It's a good thing the boys were at my in-laws' that day. I'm pretty sure Bug would have wanted to keep the red & white.
We even found a couple of tin can lids tacked to the floor! When we ripped those off, we were able to peek into the basement.

Once that was done, I repainted the tan walls and touched up the red wall. By the time I was done, it had stopped raining, so we were able to pick up the sub-flooring. The boys spent the night with the in-laws, then we took them to my mom & dad's on Sunday so we could get the flooring in. It went fairly easy, but I don't have pictures just yet. I got the new baseboards painted and will be marking where to cut them today, and we're hoping to get those cut and installed within the next couple of days, so I'll take pictures and show you the finished product as soon as it's all done!

Now, I need to find some time to get a few other (fun) things done, like making my blog rounds and creating some of the ideas I have floating around in my head!

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  1. If floors could talk. You may find that the animals still mark that spot. Sprinkle ground white pepper on the spot and let the animal have a whiff.

    It worked for me.


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