Friday, April 23, 2010

Henry Doorly

When Taylor was in Kindergarten and 1st grade, we had big birthday parties for him and his school friends, so we had planned to do the same for Landon.  What we didn't plan for was for there to be 13 girls and only 2 boys in Landon's class.  He didn't want to have a party that consisted of mostly girls, so we decided to take him to the Henry Doorly Zoo instead.  And, since Landon and my niece, Natalie, were born 36 hours 13 minutes apart, we decided to celebrate both birthdays! 

The Nebraska Red/White Spring Game was on Saturday, and my dad and older brother met my younger brother there.  Since we were planning the trip to the zoo for Sunday, my little brother stayed with some friends in Lincoln and met us at the zoo on Sunday.  We don't get to see him very often, so it was a wonderful surprise!

I took a million pictures, but I'll leave you with just these few for now.

In the Butterfly Pavillion:

We all took round trips on the new Skyfari - it's AWESOME!  Below is a pic of my lil brother, Kelsey, with Landon and my mom.

See that little pond in the picture above?  As we were going over it, I heard a *clink* *SPLASH*.  My first thought was, "Shoot, now I'm going to have to buy a new lense cap."  Then, it hit me that the splash was a little too big for my little lense cap.  That's when I reached into my pocket and bit my lip to prevent a few choice words from escaping when I realized it was my phone that made that splash!  Kelsey saw exactly where it hit, so once we were off the Skyfari, he ran down to the garden and fished my phone out.  The stupid thing fell over 20 feet, hit the concrete edge of the pond, and sat completely submerged for roughly 30 minutes, so I was pretty sure it was a goner.  Guess what?!  Other than a little fuziness on the right side of the outer screen, the phone works just fine!  A big thumbs up to the EnV3 creators!

And, of course, the birthday kids.  I can't believe they're already 6 years old!

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