Wednesday, February 16, 2011

By Request - More Info about the Token Store

Thanks for all the emails asking about and commenting on our newly implemented system for getting the boys to do their chores and keeping them organized. 

Doing chores is not the only way to earn tokens, and it is possible to lose tokens.  The husband and I can also give bonus tokens randomly for good behavior.  Poor behavior can cost the boys tokens. 
Several of you asked for more information about what we have in the store and the prices of each item.

For the price list, I just printed off what we have (or will have) in the store and how many tokens each item costs.  Then, I just put it in a frame, and anything that we are out of, I can just take my dry erase markers and cross out that item.  If  there are several changes that need to be made, I simply have to print out a new list and pop it into place!

Here's a quick rundown of what we have so far...
2 Tokens - *Comic Book, Extra Cookie, Granola Bar
3 Tokens - *Small Book, Extra TV Time, Extra Computer Time, Extra Playstation Time, Candy Bar, Fruit Roll-Up/Fruit Snacks
4 Tokens - *Medium Book, Candy Bag, Ice Cream
5 Tokens - *Large Book, Story Book, Movie, Soda
8 Tokens - 12 Crayons
10 Tokens - $1 Cash
12 Tokens - 24 Crayons
15 Tokens - Bare Book Puzzle
20 Tokens - Toy

*These are the blank books from Bare Books.

{If you don't want to list everything separately, another idea would be to just get some of those multi-colored dot stickers.  Assign a value to each color, then put a dot on each item.}
I store the inventory in a basket, so when it's time to open the store, I just have to grab the basket and set up the list.

Other notes:
~ For the Extra Cookie, I used some card stock and canning jar lids to make these
~ For the extra TV, Computer, and Playstation Time, and the movie, I used cardstock to make little cards the kids can hang on to and turn in when they are ready to redeem them.
~ The Candy Bags are just little baggies filled with a few different mini candy bars
~ The ice cream is for either 1 bowl, if we have some in the freezer, or they can pick out 1 ice cream bar from the store/gas station

Another idea that I'm toying with is letting the boys have "Room Sales" every couple of months, or so.  They will have the opportunity to sell some of their toys/books for tokens.  I'm hoping this will help control the clutter in their rooms!  I need to do a little more thinking on it before we try it out, though.


  1. I totally missed this, this is an amazing idea!! I will have to go back and look!!

  2. Thanks, Michelle! It has been working pretty well for us so far. Not only are the boys more willing to do their chores, but I don't have to constantly remind them since they are always looking at their charts to see what they can cross off next!


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