Friday, June 24, 2011

Homeless guys make me think of Chicken Burritos.

It's true. And I'll tell you why...

We don't see a lot of homeless people around here, at least not many who advertise being residentially challenged.  A while back (sometime in the past 2 years), there was a man standing on a corner with a sign saying he was homeless, cold, and hungry.  The truck a few cars ahead of me pulled over, the farmer got out, and gave the homeless guy the coat off his back.  Feeling inspired, I decided to offer my chicken burrito, that I had just gotten from the Taco Bell drive thru, to the homeless guy.

I pull over, roll down my window and tell the guy that I have a fresh chicken burrito, if he wants it.  It's not much, but it's hot (it was late fall/early winter).  Dude says to me, "No, thanks."  WHAT?!  You're homeless, cold, and hungry, but are passing up a hot meal-ish.  Apparently, this guy used to work at a chicken farm, and no longer eats chicken.  My thought?  Dude can't be too hungry, and probably isn't even homeless.

Today, I saw an older homeless guy.  His sign said he was a senior citizen, had no home, no food.  Anything would be appreciated, even a kind word.  Ignoring him was not an option.  The Taco Bell was just a few hundred feet away, and I was going to stop there to grab some lunch, anyway.  I ordered my chicken burrito, hot sauce, and Mt. Dew, then added on an ice water.  I was given my food, then asked to speak to the manager.  I gave the manager a $5 bill, described the homeless guy, and told the manager that I wanted to buy the guy a meal if he wanted one.  When I went back by the homeless guy, I gave him the ice water, and told him that Taco Bell had a meal for him, if he wanted one.  When I saw him in my rear-view mirror, he was headed into the fast food joint with his knapsack slung over his shoulder, and his sign tucked under his arm.

There was one time that I really wish I had had some extra cash on me.  There was a larger guy, sitting on a cooler or something, holding his sign.  It said something about him being a Vietnam Vet, being fat and lazy, and while food was appreciated, he could really use some cash to buy a drink!  I thought his honesty should be worth a couple of bucks, at least!

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  1. That was really sweet of you Heather and you are right, the honesty of the one man would be worth a drink for him.

    I hope you have a good weekend.


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