Thursday, June 2, 2011

Yellow and Gray

I've noticed that the yellow & gray combination has become pretty popular in home decor and fabrics. While browsing through my favorite bead shop, I came across these beauties and thought they would look pretty with some of my dark gray irish linen.

I can't tell you how much linen I used, because I really don't know!  I just threaded 20 beads onto my spool and started knotting.  The first knot is about 4" from the end.  From there, I just started spreading the beads apart and tied a knot after each bead.  The beaded area is just over 4.5" long, and there's another 4" of linen after that.  So, I probably used about 16-18" of the linen, I'm guessing.


 I have enough beads to make one more of these babies, so I'm thinking I might have to put one up in my shop!


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