Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Faux Chenille Blanket - A Tutorial

In my rush to get this blanket done for my wonderful new baby niece, I forgot to take pictures. Luckily, it's really easy to put together.

Main fabric - 1 yard
Flannel - 3-4 yards (if doing different colors, you'll need 1 yard of each)
1/2 yard fabric to make binding (use double fold bias tape tutorial here)
Coordinating thread
Dinner plate

Here are the fabrics I used:

1. Pale Lime quatrefoil cotton - Binding
2. Brown with vines & pink flowers cotton - Main fabric
3. Dark pink flannel
4. Light pink flannel
5. White flannel
6. Green plaid flannel

When picking out your flannel, don't pick one with a pattern you want to see on the blanket.  I used the plaid because the shades of green worked with my fabric, and the shade of solid green flannel didn't.

1. Pre-wash (and dry) ALL fabrics.
2. Take your main fabric, and cut so it measures about 35" x 35". (I just folded over a corner, and cut along the edge to make a square.)
3. With your chalk (regular chalkboard chalk works fine) and ruler or straight edge, draw a line on the right side of your fabric from the lower left corner to the upper right corner (or lower right to upper left, whatever you prefer!), and set aside.
4. Layer your flannel.

Look at the picture above to decide how you want to layer yours.  Mine went like this: Green plaid with the patterned side up (this is important with printed flannel), white, light pink, dark pink.
5. With the wrong side of your main fabric facing the flannel, center it over the flannel, and add to the layers of fabric.
6. Going through ALL layers, pin your fabrics together along your diagonal chalk line.
7. This next part is super easy, but this is where it becomes VERY time consuming!  First, sew along your chalk line.  Then, set your needle so that it is as far left as it can go.  On my sewing machine, this is done by setting the stitch width to the widest it can go.  Line up the sewn chalk line with the right edge of your presser foot, and sew another line.  The two lines should be about 1/2 inch apart.  Continue sewing lines like that until you have covered the entire blanket with 1/2 inch spaced lines.
8. Cut off all the excess flannel around the edges, then flip the blanket so the flannel is facing you.
9. Here is where you have to be extra careful.  Between two of your lines, insert your scissors between the main fabric and the bottom layer of flannel and cut the whole length.  Be sure you are only cutting through the layers of flannel and NOT the main fabric!
10. Using your plate as a template, round off your corners.
11. Bind your blanket, and you're done!  I'll try to get a binding tutorial up soon, but feel free to contact me with any questions!

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