Thursday, August 18, 2011

So Long, Summer

Yesterday, the boys began their 2nd & 5th grade years of school.

I spent the day doing absolutely NOTHING.  Well, not nothing.  I read, without being interrupted.  I blogged without being interrupted.  I chatted on the phone without being interrupted.  I took a shower, without having somebody pound on the door as soon as I got the shampoo in my hair because they "have to PEEEEEE!"  I was a little lost, so I even took a little nap, and nobody woke me up!

At 4:00, they bounded in the door, tossing papers at me to sign and telling me (simultaneously) about how their first day went.  The 1st grade teacher retired at the end of last year and the 5th grade teacher took over 1st, so Bug has a brand new teacher.  And it's a GUY!  And he's really cool!  Awesome has 2 new kids in his class, and one of them is actually a BOY!  He was too shy to ask the new kid to play at recess yesterday, but said he's going to ask him today before the girls get to him.  Those boys need to stick together - there's only 3 of them and 12 girls! 

I miss not having Bug and Awesome home with me all day, but I'm also realizing how much I missed having some alone time.

Today I'm catching up on some of the cleaning I ignored yesterday, and trying to keep myself busy enough to not notice that I am starving.  Why is it that I'm always hungriest when I'm not allowed to eat?  My back molar has to come out (I'm so lucky to have inherited bad teeth from my dad's & grandma's sides of the family).  It has a very long root, that is actually curving under the tooth in front of it.  My dentist did some measuring and found that if the root was straight, it would go all the way to the bottom of my jaw.  She won't take it out, so I'm going in for dental surgery.  I'm scared.  he surgeon assures me I won't remember a thing, though.


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