Friday, October 31, 2008

Weekend Wisdom and a Belated Birthday

I am a terrible sister, so I’m combining this week’s Weekend Wisdom with a belated Happy Birthday to my little brother, Kelsey.

Kelsey is six years my junior, but I still look up to and admire him. He’s an amazing son, brother, uncle, and friend. He’s extremely intelligent, independent, and successful. Kelsey is very loving and kind. There are very few people who I am more proud of, and I am honored to be his sister.

I was trying to find a picture that best describes him, but it’s impossible to pick just one. So, I will give you the short version of the montage I made for Kelsey. The first picture was taken the day after he was born, and the final picture was taken the day he graduated from college in 2006.

Below the montage is this week’s WEEKEND WISDOM – the speech Kelsey gave at his high school graduation. There are just two things I want to point out about his speech - #1) when he talks about being long-winded, everyone there laughed because long-winded is far from what Kelsey is (unlike his dear sister!). And #2) when he mentions bending the bed supports, every single senior laughed so hard they nearly cried – whatever that’s about, I promise he’s not a pervert, it’s a private joke between the 2003 seniors.

I thought I was finally done with homework, but then I found out I had to give the Valedictorian speech. While you may worry it will take quite some time, knowing how long-winded I am, I promise to keep this speech short as it is warm in here and I have a cake at home to eat.

Our time at SCHS has been a plethora of experiences and memories. These shape us into what we are, yet high school is only a small part of our lives. We will experience and change even more as we move on. While the memories of high school, both good and bad, are important to us, we cannot dwell upon them. With time, the good memories will make up "the good ol' days" as the bad memories become less significant. We can take these memories and use them to strengthen us against whatever we may come up against in the future.

Often we will be faced with adversity. Sometimes the challenges are best met head on. At other times we will need to know when to not give a flip, for we must choose which battles are worth our time. Mr. Behrens brings up a good point about time, it is everything. If you understand time, it will be eternal and you can accomplish anything you wish.

But we must also realize that having a fun time is an important part of living. On occasion we must bend some bed supports. However, we must be careful not to break them.

Our time here at SCHS has expired. As we go down our chosen paths, I will leave you with something to ponder from Pink Floyd's "Time":

You are young and life is long and there is always time to kill today
Then one day you find ten years have got behind you
No one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun

Today is our starting gun. Godspeed.


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