Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Which one?

I'm not a snob, I swear. I just hate school pictures. They show no personality, and are ALL THE SAME. I'm also cheap. I don't want to spend $20 on pictures I don't like, don't want hanging in my house, and don't want to give to my family to clutter up their houses. I prefer to take pictures of the boys myself. They're more fun to look at, and I can give just one picture to everybody instead of two. The problem is trying to figure out which ones to develop, so I'm asking for help.

One of these (above) will go in an 8x10 frame in the living room.

These are my two choices for photos to give to family.

On either side of the 8x10 frame, there is a 5x7 frame for individual pictures. I've narrowed it down to these three for Landon...

and these three for Taylor.

This is the picture Taylor picked out to give to his friends and teachers at school. I don't like it - he looks too grown up!


  1. your blog is very interesting.Congratulatios.

  2. Your boys are so cute. I am partial to them, as you know. :)

    Oh man, I hope your hand gets better soon! Ouch! Don't work too hard, you don't want to strain it too much. (That's the nurse in me talking)

  3. They are all wonderful! I wish I had a digital camera when my kids were young (20+ years ago). I would have done the same thing - I hate school pics too!

    I am so sorry about your hand. Feel better soon!

  4. Those are all great photos of your kids. I have to agree, and I'm no snob either, but class pictures are boring and cheap. My son just got his back and they are horrible, but they make me laugh and hopefully will make him laugh one day too.
    Great blog!


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