Wednesday, October 22, 2008

What happened to Fall?

This was what our drive to my parents' house looked like on Saturday morning. Foggy, but really pretty. We left the house around 7:30 so I could get the grocery shopping done before the Melody Round-Up parade. It was chilly, but we had a good time. Hastings College hosts the parade every year to celebrate their Homecoming, so it's always filled with floats from sororities, fraternities, and other school organizations. My dad's favorite float - the frat boys having a tailgate party. As part of their float, they had a BBQ grill set up and were grilling hot dogs and tossing them out to people.

After the parade, mom and I sent the boys with dad so we could do some shopping that included a trip to my favorite beading store, Beads and Botanicals. If you're ever in Hastings, you should definitely stop in, even if you don't bead. Carla is a very sweet person, and just meeting her would be well worth the trip.

Other than Saturday, my time has been filled with Haunted House stuff. I've been at the school setting up every evening (and sometimes in the afternoons) for the past 2 weeks. We're almost finished and are hoping to be ready for a run-through tomorrow night. We start Friday night and I still need to make some edible fingers, fix my sis-in-law's costume, finish the executioner's hood, and finish my father-in-law's costume!

Today, all counties west of us are in some kind of Winter Weather/Storm Advisory/Watch/Warning. It has been raining since early yesterday morning, and it's supposed to turn to snow tonight or tomorrow. Time to make some potato soup, then curl up on the couch for a movie while sipping some hot chocolate and munching on popcorn.


  1. Keep the snow your way. :) You sound like you have been busy. Can't wait to hear all about the spooky event!

    I got married on a Husker Saturday. I was hoping and praying it would be a mid-day game. Of course not, it was in the evening. Well you can guess what people were doing instead of dancing...

  2. I hope the snow stays away until the last leaf falls!

    Sounds like you have some busy times ahead. I hope it all goes smoothly!


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