Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Workin' through it

About a month ago, I broke my hand by once again shutting it in the car door. Yeah, I'm a clutz! The bones didn't actually break, but 3 were severely cracked. I had a pity party for a few days, then figured out how to work through it and found that I could actually type, sew, take pictures, and kind of write despite my injury!

As busy as this weekend was, it's a good thing my hand is healing so well! We spent Friday evening, Saturday late afternoon & evening, and Sunday late afternoon & evening at my mother-in-laws house working on stuff for our upcoming Haunted House - it's less than 2 weeks away! Saturday morning, Taylor and I went to take some pictures of my nephew (and a few of Taylor) before picking my mom up to do some grocery shopping. On our way, we saw a garage sale sign that was just begging for our attention, so naturally we had to check it out. They had a LOT of antiques, but we were good and only bought 2 things. I bought a glass juicer, and my mom bought an adorable stuffed chenille bunny. We're still trying to figure out who's keeping it, but we just couldn't leave it at the sale!

Sunday, my parents and I took Taylor and Landon to the Prairie Loft's Harvest Festival. We had a lot of fun listening to Jim King sing, Rajean Luebs read her stories, painting, and making corn husk dolls (Landon made a corn husk squid). There was also a petting zoo, free watermelon, a farmer's market, and the boys were able to use an old apple press to make some delicious apple cider! Oh! I can't forget the tractors - they had at least a dozen John Deeres ranging from the 1920's through today, as well as an old Fordson, Farmall, and a new Case Combine.

Taylor's hard at work making his corn husk guy. They boys enjoyed it so much, I've had to add corn husks to my shopping list this week.

Landon cranking away at the press - with a little help from Grandpa.

The boys found a nice place to sit and relax for a few minutes.


Below is a picture of a blanket that I finished a few weeks ago, but just got around to taking a picture of Friday night. Each square is 15 inches, so it's a nice big picnic blanket - we've already used it twice and picnic season is about over!

I added a couple of new photos to my etsy store, and have a few new things I've been designing and I'm hoping to get them into the store by the end of the month, so check it out if you have a chance!

Plans for today:
Work on Taylor's quilt (I'll have to take a picture of Landon's to post)
Work on new etsy items
Edit the boys' fall pictures
Take pictures of bench and chair
Figure out how to sell popcorn and go to the museum at the same time!


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