Monday, January 26, 2009

Feeling Good

I have to say that there is just something satisfying about supporting local independent businesses. There's a bookstore, Prairie Books and Gifts, in town that has been here for years, and I always leave their store feeling happy. They're not a big store, and you won't find everything that you'll find at Barnes & Noble. But, these people know their books, and if they don't have what you're looking for, they'll get it for you. In addition to their wonderful selection of books (including the children's books in the "barn"), they also have a Nebraska room filled with Nebraska books and other items. There's a cute little porch they've set up inside the store with a couple of small tables and chairs where you can sit and read. If you wander through the doors just to the left of the counter, you'll find yourself inside the Blue Moon Coffee Co, a cute locally owned coffee shop with delicious drinks and sandwiches and an awesome atmosphere. There's just something to be said about independent small town stores.


Last week when I was at the Library I checked out The Tomten for the boys and I to read, and we sat down together last night to read it. This has definitely become a new favorite and has jumped to the top of their list of books they want. After reading the book, we made our own Tomtens out of pinecones. The arms are pipe cleaners, the hat is felt, and the beard is some furry yarn I've had and I crocheted little beards with it. You can listen to the book on YouTube here.

We also got Bartholomew and the Oobleck, then made our own Oobleck. That stuff kept the boys busy for an hour! Oobleck is some crazy stuff! It look like liquid, but I had the boys put their hands all the way in to the bottom of the bowl and hold them there for about 10 seconds. At the end of the 10 seconds, I told them to very quickly pull their hands out. They were stuck! They had a blast doing that over and over again. It's very easy to make, and costs less than $1.

You need:
1 1/2 - 2 cups Cornstarch
1 cup water
food coloring (the book's Oobleck is green)

Pour water into bowl, then slowly add the cornstarch. Once you're happy with the consistency, add the food coloring.

Saturday, we had a Cub Scout thing to go to. They were racing their cars to see who would go to the District Cub Scout-O-Rama for the Pinewood Derby. The top 3 boys from each pack gets to go to Districts, and Taylor placed 2nd! He was pretty excited about it, and is even more excited that he's going to get a trophy at the Pack Meeting on Thursday!

I was a slacker this weekend, so I don't get to take my usual Monday off from housework. Landon and I may go out and play in the snow that is still coming down. I need to do a little bit of cleaning that got neglected over the weekend, and then get busy on my niece's birthday present - the party is Saturday! What are you doing?


  1. Kellon would really like that oobleck stuff! Sounds fun!

    So good to hear that book store is still around. I know what you mean, it's great to still have local mom and pop shops around!

    Thanks for the tip on the laundry soap! I will have to try that on the next batch.

  2. Read the book together and then make a craft project with which to remember the book? Your kids have a very cool mom! :-)

  3. Kindra - Even I had fun playing with the Oobleck, I'm sure your boys would have a lot of fun!

    I couldn't find the washing soda at Wal-Mart, but did find it at a locally owned grocery store. You can also buy it online, but it's more expensive.

    Carla - Thanks! My mom and grandma deserve most of the credit, though. They were always doing things like that with my brothers and I when we were little. I just want my kids to have the same kind of memories!

    I'm still dying to see your "new" store! Mom and I walked by and peeked in the windows a couple of weeks ago, but I just haven't had a chance to stop in yet.


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