Monday, January 5, 2009

Husker Experience

Saturday was the day Taylor was able to reap the rewards of all his hard work selling popcorn. He spent the night at my parents' house Friday night, and early Saturday morning, he and my dad were on their way to Lincoln for the Nebraska Husker Sports Experience. Although they didn't stay for the basketball game after the tour (it's a good thing, too - on the way home they could barely go 10 miles without seeing an accident or evidence of an accident on the interstate). Unfortunately, the football players were on their way back from Florida, so dad and T didn't get to meet any or see the new trophy, but they still had a great time. They toured the athletic facilities at Memorial Stadium, including the Heisman room, then they were led through the tunnel walk and were allowed to run around the field. I'm not sure who had the bigger smile when they got back - Taylor or my life-long-live-red-breath-red-die-red-Husker-football fan dad! Here are a few of the pictures dad emailed me:

Weight Room

"Pound the Rock"

Coming onto the field


On the field at Memorial Stadium

A few of the players who have had their jersey retired

"In essence, an Athlete. By merit, a Scholar.
This, a harmony students endeavor to achieve."

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  1. How fun! I have a friend in New York who visited Nebraska for the first time in '06. I took her to the stadium, even though she wasn't a fan, and took photos. When she got home, her brother was terribly jealous--he's been a Husker fan his entire adult life, and has never even been here.


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