Monday, January 19, 2009

My Own Little Green Gables

I love the Anne of Green Gables series (last month - December 2008 - they even aired the 4th movie on Canadian TV, and I'm dying to see it)! I always have. Everytime she was on PBS, I was in control of the remote, no matter how young or how old I have been at the time! Luckily for me, my boys like watching the movies, too, although they don't get nearly as excited as I do. Taylor has told me several times that when he grows up, he's going to build me my own Green Gables. Until then, I now have my own little homemade version...

I threw this together yesterday after seeing this tutorial a few weeks ago. I need to redo the top of the roof line, though. Landon screamed and I jumped so my stitches aren't straight. It looks cuter in person, mainly because in the photos, you can't see the details in the white eyelet fabric I used for the outside.

I bought some little wooden people while in town on Saturday. Last night I dropped them off for my sister-in-law to paint for me. When she's done, I'll have Anne, Diana Berry, Gilbert, Matthew, and Marilla.

Now that I've made mine, and know what not to do, I plan to make two more for my youngest nieces for Christmas. (I'm trying to get back into my old habit of having 95% of my Christmas shopping done by the time school starts in August!)


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