Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Landon's room is almost done. We just have to get the rest of his toys out of Taylor's room, then we'll be done for now. In our house, all walls are covered in paneling, except the kitchen and bathroom. I know you're all probably thinking of the dark wood paneling that was really popular in the 70's. That's what we have...but, the only place you see the wood color is in our closet. Everything else has been painted several times.

I'm getting off the subject. Landon has one wall that is mostly covered in shelving, but there is one big area behind the door where there are no shelves, and the wall is flat and smooth. I decided to paint a chalkboard there, and have unleashed a monster. I gave him a good sized chalkboard, but wanted to do more. The boys had a dresser that has been in the garage for several months because the drawers kept breaking. I found 3 of the 4 top drawers and made 3 more chalkboards. One will go in Taylor's room, I gave one to my mom, and the third is sitting on my kitchen counter:

Now I'm looking for more and more things I can paing with the remaining paint! I bought one of the 1 qt. cans, and there's over 2/3 left. My mom wants to make a chalkboard for the grandkids to write on when they're visiting, and I'd like to paint one on the door for our kitchen closet/pantry.

I even stopped at Goodwill while in town yesterday looking for something I could turn into a chalkboard. I didn't have any luck, but I did find the first Harry Potter book for $1 and bought it for Taylor. As we were walking to the counter, I realized that our GW must have really clean windows. You could see the outline of a bird where it smacked into one of the windows. It hit hard enough to even leave a few feathers!

We also made a trip to the library where I found Pretty Little Patchwork and Pretty Little Potholders. If I can find a little bit of "me" time, I plan adding a few of those projects to my list!


  1. I really like your chalk board ideas.
    Sounds like you'll have lots of paces to leave messages...I like it!!!

  2. Oohh, I never thought of the inside of a drawer. Great idea!

    I love chalkboarding too. I like to take old picture frames and paint the glass with the chalkboard paint. We have more chalkboards than we know what to do with at this point, but we're never at a loss of places to jot something down!

    Very cute idea, thanks for sharing!


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