Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day Birthday

Yesterday was a nice day to celebrate both Mother's Day and my 31st Birthday. We didn't do much, but it was quite relaxing. I didn't even have to cook! On Saturday my parents had told me they wanted to take me out for my birthday on Sunday, so we met them at the restaurant at 11:00am for lunch. Before we had even made it out of the house, both of my brothers had called to wish me a happy birthday, and my mother-in-law had called to invite us over for supper!

After eating lunch with my mom & dad, my mom and I went to Menard's to look at more flowers. I ended up with two more Columbines and a roll of chicken wire to finish off my veggie garden. We also bought some chalkboard paint for Landon's room and for the playroom at mom & dad's house.

Then we went to mom & dad's house to drop mom off and pick up the boys. Before we left, everybody sang Happy Birthday to me and we had some delicious cupcakes!

Supper at my mother-in-laws house was yummy and entertaining as always. My in-laws are slightly insane, so it's always fun there!


Saturday was quite productive. I had picked up the two sets of drawers that used to be part of my grandma's vanity. They're just the right size for night tables for the boys, and I got one painted to match Taylor's dresser.

Do you remember my bench that dad made? I repainted it. I found the color I wanted (a vintage green), but didn't feel like paying for a whole gallon of paint. One quart wouldn't have been enough, and two quarts would have cost the same as a gallon. Lucky for me, I found some spray paint that was the exact shade I wanted! For $15, I was able to buy 1 can of spray primer, and 3 cans of spray paint in the color I wanted, which is about $5 cheaper than the gallon! Now I just need to get a couple of pillows, and maybe a throw blanket made for the bench, and get some flowers to plant in my buckets, and we'll be good to go!

I gave up my sewing room so that Landon could have a room of his own, and I started painting that on Saturday, too. I don't know what this shade of blue is called, but I really like it. I found it on the rejected paint shelf at Wal-Mart when I was looking for my spray paint. I'm hoping to finish his room today so I can finish moving his stuff in.

My parents came out about 1/2 an hour after I started painting Landon's room (which would be why I didn't finish), and we got my garden planted! Next year, I'm definitely going bigger.

I promise to get some photos posted this week once I get Landon's room done and Taylor's room rearranged!


  1. It sounds like you enjoyed a wonderful weekend!

    Happy Belated Birthday and Mother's Day!

    I can't wait to pictures of your projects!

  2. My gosh, Heather.......I absolutely love that bench! I use old bed head and foot boards for gates and trellises. I have one that I've sort- of turned into a bench but haven't yet attached it...your picture gave me such a good idea..Thanks!

    And a Late Happy Birthday Greeting!


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