Thursday, September 23, 2010


I've been wanting to write this post all month, but I haven't been sure how to go about it. I want to tell you about my amazing, strong, courageous, and beautiful grandma. She is the woman that both my mom and I compare ourselves to, and we both try to live up to her legacy.  If I can be even half the woman my grandmother was, I will be able to say I have no regrets.

Grandma was first diagnosed in the late fifties, and spent the next 30 years on one of life's most cruel rollercoasters.  Around the time I was born, she went into remission - again.  A year went by, then two, then five, then six.  She had been declared cancer free, and could finally fully concentrate on spoiling my brothers and I.  My grandpa retired, and they had plans to travel the world.

Nine years after she went into remission for the last time, the cancer came back, and on March 16, 1988, it took one of the most remarkable women I have ever known.

September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness month, and I urge you to do a little bit of research and talk to your doctor about early screening.  Usually, by the time the cancer is found, the prognosis is devastating.

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  1. Bless you, sweetie. THANKS for sharing and helping with awareness.


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