Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I'd buy it!

A friend of a friend posted this ad on Craigslist. I had to share...

It's a steal! 13" color tv!! - $5 (Pensacola)

Do you want to punish your misbehaving children? Want them to ONLY be able to watch TV? No DVD players or video game systems for this bad kid! Well we got the deal for YOU! No AV hookups on this bad boy. It's just pure Phillips Magnavox color tv goodness. Got a lazy child who just sits there and watches the boob tube all day? Keep them active with no remote control! That's right guys! NO REMOTE CONTROL with this tv. Do they want to watch something different than when it was turned on? Good ol' channel and volume buttons right on the front of the tv screen.

We got this tv, it has dust on it, but it's $5. Just come get this bitch and bring me $5.


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