Monday, January 31, 2011

Books for me, Books for the boys, and Books for YOU!

Within the past couple of weeks, I have received a couple of boxes filled with books and other goodies. The first box is for my boys. The plan was to use its contents to help fill their Easter I'm not sure I can wait that long!

I bought all of this stuff from Bare Books for less than $32 - and that includes the $3 shipping!  I bought a set of 10 comic books, 2 bubble templates, 2 sets of crayons, 2 puzzles, and 4 Book sets (includes a book, cover, and line guide).  They also sent me a catalog, so it looks as though we'll be ordering some more books of varying sizes, bookmarks, a couple of gameboard sets, and some puzzles with more pieces.  I'm also thinking of getting some board books for my younger nephews!

I also received a shipment from Amazon that contained 5 books, and am expecting a few more over the next 6-8 weeks.  I'll be keeping some, but I'll also be giving some away in February and March, so keep checking back!

And, don't forget to check out Kindra's blog!  Gwen from GwennyPenny is sharing a super cute tutorial!


  1. My 7 year old would love this!! What a great idea. I'm going to check out the site!

    How is the weather your way. It's icey over here! Best to stay home.

  2. My daughter loves to read and write books so I'll definitely be checking this out!

    I'm lovin' the Be Mine Bonanza so far. I'm sure by the end of the week I'll have a nice little "crafts to do" list for myself.

  3. Thanks for stopping by! Bare Books sent us a catalog with our order, and the boys can't stop looking at it and picking out what they want. I love how affordable everything is!

    Kindra - In town here, the roads weren't bad at all yesterday. I heard it was really slick in some spots in Hastings, though. We didn't get much snow at all yesterday or last night, but the wind was blowing so hard that some roads have drifted shut, and it's almost impossible to see. Jeremy and the boys are all home for the day today!

    Tonya - I know what you mean about the to do list. Everybody has had such great ideas! I love the pillow you did - so pretty!


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