Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday, Monday...

What's that noise?
Water dripping in the house.
From where?
By the front door.
Are you sure?
We just got a new roof. We can't be having leaks. I think you must not have turned the water off completely on one of the sinks.
Nope. It's leaking by the front door.
But, we just got a new roof. It shouldn't be leaking.
It's not the roof. It's leaking below the roof and by the window because we need new siding.
But we just got a new roof.
Yes, but we need new siding. I told you this 7 years ago when my toes froze while standing at the kitchen sink doing dishes. But, nobody listens to me...
Let's just burn the $*@%!#^ thing down.

I've never been in love with our house, but I don't always dislike it as much as I do this morning with the constant drip...drip...dripping.  Kind of puts me in a crummy mood first thing on a Monday morning!

I had also hoped to get something ready to show you this morning, but then I saw that I need to re-do my project for Kindra's Be Mine Bonanza because another, uber popular and wonderfully talented blogger just posted a tutorial for the exact same thing that I was planning!  Great minds think alike!

Until I'm able to come back to you, please enjoy this clip.  It kills me, especially around the 3:45 mark.  Shnorkie!

Warning:  Around the 4:20 mark, Mama gets a little liberal with her language, so it may not be appropriate for work or young ears!

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  1. Good luck with the leak. I can relate. I got a new roof last year and a couple of days after s big snow started to melt, I had dripping in my downstairs closet. Roof man tells me it's not a roof problem, but he can fix it, but he needs some above freezing weather. I haven't seen him since!!! Thanks for visiting at Buttermilk Cottage today. Please come back often.


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