Friday, January 14, 2011


Hello again!  I'd ask you to take a seat and chat for a while, but our seating is temporarily taken by Mother Nature.

This past weekend, we got some snow. We got a lot of snow. Monday morning found us all at home, watching movies and drinking hot chocolate.  The husband tried going to work.  He was outside at 6am, knocking 12 inches of snow off his truck before realizing that it would take a couple of hours just to scoop the drive.  Lucky for him, our "town guy" was out clearing the roads, and he pulled in with his tractor to scoop the long length of our drive (it's an "L" shape), so we just had a few feet right behind the vehicles to shovel.
That would be the trunk of my car that's buried in snow in the bottom left corner of the picture.  Poor hubby got to one highway to find that it had not been cleared at all.  The other one only had one lane clear.  Rather than risk getting stuck when someone else came along that one lane road, he decided to stay home.

Tuesday was another snow day for the boys, but hubs had to work.  It was sooooo cold, but I did manage to make it outside long enough to clear off the bench next to the front door and shovel enough snow to get the car out.

The red apron on the bench is a 1x4.  You could fit several of those puppies in the snow piled on top of the bench.

Our St. Berny, Odin, didn't mind the snow too much.  As long as he stayed out of the drifts, he could keep the bulk of his body snow free...

But he just couldn't resist running through the yard.

Gracie is supposed to be a black lab mix.  We don't know what the mix is, but it must have been small because she doesn't even come up to my knee!  She was not at all fond of the wet white stuff, and would only leave the doghouse to come inside or to go relieve herself.  I felt bad leaving them outside as long as I did, but one of them made a pretty nasty mess on the back porch, and Miss Gracie did one of the most disgusting things ever. 

I spent Wednesday and Thursday recouperating from the snow days and trying to get caught up on the housework that I let slide for 2 days!

I let my mom bribe me with some retail therapy if I helped her paint her spare room today, so I'll see you all on Monday - stay safe and warm!


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