Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day!

Every year on Earth Day, the boys and I take a walk around town, each carrying a sack to collect any trash we might see. The past couple of years, April 22 has fallen during the week when Taylor has school. Last year, Landon and I walked up to the high school to meet the bus, then the three of us walked home collecting trash along the way. This year, though, Taylor is in 2nd grade. He's too old to have his mom walk him home from school, so we're doing things a little different. Taylor took 3 bags to school - one for him and a couple of extras for friends he walks home with - and will pick up trash between the high school and our house. After lunch, Landon and I will head over to the ball field and pick up trash there.

I picked up a few flowers last weekend that I'll be planting today, and I'm hoping to start putting up the fence for our victory garden. Jeremy and I have plans to head to Menard's and Orscheln's this weekend for a new mower, some more garden supplies, and a few more flowers & plants (like columbines and hostas and whatever else strikes my fancy) - can't wait!


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