Saturday, May 14, 2011

Baby E Update

So, my adorable new niece is still in the hospital.  Still no word on when she'll be able to come home.  We do have some good news, though!

She's been breathing on her own since Tuesday, and her chromosomes are normal!  Hopefully she'll be home soon! 

Updated update:  Baby E has been on a feeding tube, and when you couple that with her cleft palate, she hasn't really learned to suck very well.  They're going to give her another 7-10 days, and if she isn't able to bottle feed well enough, she'll probably go to the Children's Hospital to get a G button so she can at least (finally!) go home.  Then, her mom and dad can work on her bottle feeding.

This has been a long few weeks for everyone.  Baby E has two brothers, M is 4 and O is 2.  M&O have spent more time with my MIL than their own parents lately, and they've been coming back here quite a bit lately, too.  This whole ordeal has been taking a toll on them as well, so it'll be so nice for everyone to just be under one roof again.  With any luck, they will be in 2 weeks or less!

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  1. I hope that she can go home soon and they can all be together. They are in my prayers Heather.


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