Thursday, May 5, 2011

Reading Rainbow

Do you remember that show? I loved it, and rarely missed an episode. In fact, I can still sing the theme song from memory!

I've been reading the Sookie Stackhouse books, and I have to say that I'm slightly in love with Eric.  Part of that may be due to the fact that I've seen a couple of the TrueBlood episodes, and Alexander Skarsgard is quite yummy!

I'm off to read a little before going to bed.  The boys have their school track meet tomorrow, and it'll be an all day event.  The lower grades (including Awesome's class) will be in the morning, while the higher grades (Bug's) will be in the afternoon.  Saturday, we'll be doing our Home Depot thing, and I can't wait till Sunday.  I've been on the run every day for over a week, and I am so looking forward to having one full day at home!

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  1. I do remember Reading Rainbow!! I love it! I have not seen True Blood but have seen the books. I might have to try them soon...summer reading!! :) Have fun this weekend and I hope that Sunday you can relax. :)


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