Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bird Feeder Kids Craft

There was a wine tasting event in town on Saturday, so my brother and his family came back for a visit. My Dad had plans to take the boys to the local indoor arena football game that night, so we headed into town in the afternoon to hang out with my brother's kids before they headed home. I also brought along a little craft for them...

All you need is:
Bagels - $2.50
Birdseed - $2
Peanut Butter - $3
String (I used kitchen cotton twine that I had on hand) - $2.50

First, recruit Grandma to help.  Then, dump some birdseed in a flat bowl or on a plate, set aside. Give each child 1/2 a bagel and a knife, then let them go to town putting peanut butter on the flat side.

Once the one side is covered, place it PB side down in the birdseed. Add a string and tie it to your tree. Final step: Have the goofy kids pose for a picture!

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  1. In that picture your mom looks like my mom. :) Down to the same hair color.

    What a fun project! My kids would love this!


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