Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I live in a small farming community. We are about the size of a corn field, and there are fewer than 300 residents. This little town of ours is a nice little town.  We are a quiet community, for the most part. We do have the "Porch People" who get semi-regular visits from the county law enforcement for various reasons, and we all wonder why on earth they still have custody of their 4 youngest kids.

Tonight, we had a different kind of excitement. It was a scary kind of excitement, especially since it was so close to us.  The house circled in blue is ours.  The house in red is where the excitement happened (the porch peoples' house is caddy-cornered from the red house).  The house is the building in the top right corner, and their garage is just below the house in the pic.

Our town is so small that we don't have a local pizza place, but the Little Caesar's from town (a town about 15 miles away with roughly 25,000 residents) comes out on Wednesday nights.  They hang out at our gas station for a little while, and we can go get pizzas off their truck.  Tonight, we wanted pizza for supper.

Just as I was getting ready to open my front door (which faces the red house), I noticed about half a dozen men and one woman from various law enforcement agencies lined up against the neighbors garage with their guns drawn.  In addition to those with their guns drawn, I saw a guy in one of those bomb suit things with a giant riot shield, and the K-9 unit was there.

Luckily no shots were fired, and nothing blew up.  But, our neighbor was arrested when he got home, and left with the ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) guy.

Most importantly (according to my kids), we were able to get our pizza before the pizza lady left!


  1. Hi there! Your blog is very inspiring and because that is so true, I wrote about it on my blog:) Thank you.


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