Sunday, October 16, 2011

Day 16 - Finding Harmony in your veggie garden

I don't know much about gardening.  I do know that when planting flowers, I should always plant perennials because the die within 2-4 weeks after planting, but they almost always come back the next year!

I also know about the 3 sisters.  Do you?

They are corn, squash, and beans.  We should thank Iroquois Indians for figuring this out and sharing it with us.  Corn makes a great ladder for the beans to climb on.  The beans not only strengthen the corn stalks by climbing them, but the beans also fix the nitrogen in the soil for the corn and squash, which helps with the feeding demands of the corn and squash.  The squash acts as mulch by keeping most weeds away and keeping the moisture in the soil.  It also helps protect the shallow roots of the beans and corn!


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