Thursday, October 6, 2011

Day 6 - Getting Kids Excited About Their Chores

After constantly fighting with the boys about doing their chores (and taking showers, brushing teeth, etc), I came up with a plan that has worked beautifully! Since January, we have been using Chore Charts, a Token/Reward System, and the Token Store.

It has been working REALLY well, and the boys are so excited when I open the store!  A couple of months after we started this, I did have to do a little tweaking, though.  They would do everything on their chore charts, except cleaning their rooms.

Now, they only get awarded tokens if their rooms are clean.  And, the store is only open to those with clean rooms.

The store is open every Sunday, and on the last Sunday of the month, we have our Sunday Sale.  If we have something that has been in the Store for a while, I'll reduce the price.  If the boys have been behaving REALLY well that week, I'll reduce the price on their favorite things.  And, sometimes, I toss in a small toy or something they've been wanting for a while, and they can buy it with their tokens.


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