Friday, October 7, 2011

Day 7 - Cloth Napkins with Mitered Corners

We go through napkins and paper towels like nobody's business. I try to buy recycled products, but it gets expensive having to buy these paper products so often.

I am also a fabric addict. Part of my journey to trying to find harmony in my home is to become more organized and declutter. So, obviously, my napkin dilemma has provided me with a wonderful opportunity. I am going to make napkins. Lots and lots of napkins.

They are really easy to make, even the mitered corners!

First, you need to decide how big you want them.  Mine are 15"x16" because when I fold them, they fit perfectly into my basket.  The napkins you can get at Pottery Barn & Anthropologie are 20" square.

Once you've decided this, you will need to cut your fabric 1" larger on all sides than you want your finished napkin.  For example, you will need to cut fabric for a 20" napkin at 22" square.

Side note: I used 1/4" hems on my napkins, so that is what the pictures will show.  However...1/2" hems will make the mitered corners MUCH easier, so that is the measurement I'm using for this tutorial.

On all four side, fold and press a 1/2" hem.

Fold and press again.

Now for the mitered part...
Looks like I missed a space in there!  It's suppose to read
"1. Open your hems, then cut at the cut line."

Once the hems are folded back over, you can pin and sew around your napkin.  
Your corners should look like this:

 Now enjoy your new, custom (and earth friendly) napkins!

I can't wait to pick up some linen to make some embroidered linen napkins!

Just a couple of other notes...
I have found that 100% cotton fabrics work best.  Be sure to wash and dry your fabric as though it was already your napkins BEFORE you start cutting.  The fabric will shrink, so it's best to have it do that before you've cut and sewn it!
To make (4) 20" napkins, I would recommend getting about 1-1/2" yards of 45" wide fabric.

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  1. It is over a year later, but here I am on a Saturday trying to sew napkins for Thanksgiving.

    Thank you for just the post I needed to mitre the corners!


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