Thursday, October 27, 2011

Day 27 - Know Your Limitations

I had all but 1 day of my 31 Days planned, and at least most of those posts written (or at least started). Except today.

Last Friday and Saturday were the dates for a local Haunted House. My sis-in-law is part of the town's improvement committee, and since we did such an AWESOME job for Bug's Halloween themed 7th birthday party (including a haunted house we set up in 1 day in a small conference room), she was asked, about 4 years ago, to plan one as a fundraiser.

We get to use an old 100+ year old school whose last classes were held in 2006-2007. The first year, we used the basement, but we now use the upstairs area that includes a couple of classrooms, a gym, and a stage (and a few long hallways).

I usually have a role in our haunted house (I missed one year due to migraines), and we have a blast.  Each year gets better and better, even though attendance was down a little this year.  Usually the farmers are finishing up the harvesting season by now.  This year, they're right in the middle of it.  People have also finally realized that we don't tolerate rude and disorderly drunks, which has also cut down a little on the attendance.  I think this is the first year we haven't had to kick anybody out!  Yay!

Jigglypuff  Snugglypoops (left) has been our fearless leader the last 2 years.  He's played by my rock star nephew, Holden.  He's incredibly witty and hilarious, which makes it hard for us to keep a straight face when we're trying to scare people!  Jigglypuff Snugglypoops (or "Killer" for short) leads our guests through their worst nightmares (and an UBER AWESOME vortex - I'll have to see if I have video of it somewhere, it's soooo cool!) so they don't get lost.  This year, we also had Bongina (right) bringing up the rear.  No matter how hard Killer tries to keep the groups together, there are always stragglers, so we have found that it's best to have someone follow behind.  Bongina was created and played by J's fearless uncle Mike.

The HH ran Friday and Saturday night from 8 to midnight both nights.  When we say 8-midnight, it means that as long as people get their names on the list before midnight, they get to come through.  This means that we end up running till 1 or 2am.  And, after visiting with the other haunters and munching away on soups, crackers, candy, and cookies, you don't get home till at least an hour after the last group of hauntees comes through.

If you're like me, and are usually in bed and asleep by 10pm most nights, this will kick your butt.  For a week.  I'm still recovering, which means the housework has been suffering a little.  So, yeah.  I'm definitely learning what my limitations are.  But, I do think that a one week hangover is definitely a worthy price to pay for being able to scare the bejeezus out of people!


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